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When you’re in the market for a new place to live, it helps to remember the golden rule of real estate: You’re not just buying a home - you are also becoming part of a neighborhood. As you evaluate the best aspects of a prospective neighborhood, you’ll want to match them to your daily needs.

  • Lifestyle Match Just as a fantastic suburban neighborhood in a gated community may not be right for a young single professional, a family with three small children might not find a small condo in a hip downtown neighborhood to be the best fit for their lifestyle.

  • Pride in Ownership Pride in ownership is obvious when the residents maintain their homes and care about their neighborhood. Neighbors connect and create local groups that bring the residents together for the betterment of the area.

  • Low crime rate Low crime rates give a neighborhood a sense of ease and calm. Crime rates are a quick way to tell if a neighborhood is improving or not, since everyone is concerned with safety and security.

  • Great Schools For homeowners and renters with children, great schools top the list of what makes a great neighborhood. Not only are great schools important for families with children, but they also make the surrounding neighborhoods more valuable and more sought after, keeping property values strong.

  • Access to Medical Care Being close enough to get to a hospital or doctor’s office quickly is key for many people, especially for seniors, retirees, and families with young children.

  • Family-Friendly Neighborhoods where plenty of families live are a real draw for buyers with children. There are more opportunities for children to play, socialize, and make lifelong friends.

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